“Bite” of the Month- Miyoko’s Creamery Vegan Cheese Review!

I was so excited a few weeks back when Miyoko’s Creamery sent me a pack of their new vegan cheeses to taste and review for the blog. I had been drooling over them for quite some time! I even own her book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, and there is so much in it I want to try. But to have it delivered to me, ready to go, is even better! All the cheeses are organic and dairy free with a nut base. I love that these are based on whole foods versus the additives of many vegan cheeses out there. Please note that other than receiving these cheeses to taste test, I was not compensated in any way to write this review. These are all my original thoughts on each cheese I tried and were not influenced in any way.

I was given 5 flavors to try: Classic Double Cream Chive, Double Cream Sundried Tomato Garlic, High Sierra Rustic Alpine, French Style Winter Truffle, and Fresh Loire Valley in a Fig Leaf. I wanted the opinion of both vegans and non, so I had a few different tastings to get everyone’s take. I loved hearing all the results!

Miyoko's Creamery Vegan Cheese

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Korean Chickpeas, Carrots & Potatoes over Quinoa

After a few weeks of creating and eating many Thanksgiving inspired dishes, I’m happy to post about a different type of meal. Super easy, really tasty and made in a crockpot so the house smells amazing! I got inspired to recreate this one after seeing it on the amazing blog MJ and Hungryman. If you haven’t seen her blog, you need to. It’s awesome! She isn’t vegan, but has some great recipes that are and many that can be veganized. Plus, she’s just a super cool person and anyone that’s super cool is someone to follow in my book!

The original recipe that MJ made had chicken in it, but the sauce and general idea just sounded so good, that I had to find a way to recreate it for the vegan crowd. I love chickpeas, and just knew they would be great in this dish, so that’s what I went with. When looking at her recipe, I didn’t have any of the Korean spices she used (the chili flakes and paste) and also wanted others to be able to make this if their kitchen was stocked like mine, so I did some research on what each thing was and made my own versions with what I had. It turned out SO good! I literally wanted to drink it like soup. But I refrained long enough to get it into my crockpot and let it do it’s magic. I also didn’t make my version very spicy. I love spice more than anything, but I really wanted my kids to eat it since it’s packed with protein and some delicious veggies. My husband is a bit of a wuss when it comes to spice as well, so I held back. Although not spicy, the sauce is very flavorful and awesome! You can definitely double the sauce recipe and save some to pour on top of the meal as extra!

Korean Chickpeas, Carrots & Potatoes

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Thanksgiving recipes for a happy and healthy holiday!

Thanksgiving round up

For the first time in a long time, I will not be in a kitchen cooking away for a holiday celebration. We are spending one glorious Thanksgiving week with some of our favorite people in the world in beautiful Hawaii. We can’t wait! After these past months of working hard, fighting pregnancy sickness, taking care of two little boys all while growing bigger, I really need a vacation where I do nothing but relax. I look forward to the fresh tastes of Hawaii, more amazing fruit than I can shove in my mouth at once, and spending quality time with people I love. We will miss our family here back home but this break from reality is just what our little group needs. I look forward to coming back refreshed and full of energy to tackle the Christmas season, which is my absolute most favorite holiday ever! And boy do I have some delicious recipes brewing in this brain of mine! Until then, I leave you with a list of amazing food that I would have cooked for Thanksgiving had I been here, but will most definitely still be on my Christmas menu. Enjoy and have a happy and safe holiday!!

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Raw or Baked Layered Pumpkin Caramel Pie in a Mason Jar

I don’t even know where to begin with this recipe. What started as my desire to make a much better healthier version of a pumpkin dessert that was my “go-to” dish over the holidays before we changed our way of eating, turned into this layered deliciousness that I could not stop shoving into my mouth. This recipe is probably one of my top favorite desserts I’ve created. Not only because it tastes so darn good, but because it went through such a transformation to get to where it ended. Almost like a recipe makeover! The very first attempt was literally a copycat of my original unhealthy recipe, but subbing for healthier ingredients. The result was a HUGE flop. I mean, my kids who eat everything wouldn’t even eat it! Into the trash it went, and that’s something I rarely do. So I tried again, adding a few extras here and there, and version number two was good but I felt like something was missing. I was going for the wow factor, a way to end my Thanksgiving posts with a bang! Lucky for me, I had my monthly Bunco night with some of my awesome girlfriends. Our host served us apple crumble in mason jars. Well, if you know me, you know I love love mason jars and use them a lot. So it hit me! Remake my dessert in a mason jar. Super cute presentation, which to my visual self is very important, and puts a spin on it. I was so excited to get back into the kitchen. Little did I know that my brain would take over and turn this simple creation into something much more!

Raw or Baked Layered Pumpkin Caramel Pie in a Mason Jar

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Introducing Cooking Parties with Veggies Don’t Bite & Happy 1 year Birthday!

Wow. 1 year. I can’t believe that a whole year has passed since I started this crazy journey, yet so much has happened that I can’t believe it’s only been 1 year! When Veggies Don’t Bite was first created, I never imagined it would be where it is today. I had zero experience with blogs, websites, design, social media other than my personal Facebook page, photography or even writing down recipes and sharing them! I can’t even tell you how much time I have spent learning what I need to in order to start and continue this blog. From the actual design, to learning how to write from a blog’s perspective to photography. All of this was learned and improved upon over the course of this year. I started with a point and shoot camera, and now I shoot in manual mode. I use to create recipe and ideas as I went, never writing anything down. Now I carefully track every little step and ounce of ingredient I add to my recipes just to make sure all of you understand me every step of the way. This has been a journey like no other and I have learned so much. Just take a look at my very first photo on here next to one of my most recent!

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Creamy Potato & Veggie Casserole

I’m not going to lie, this dish turned out amazing! I have been trialing versions of this since last holiday season but it wasn’t until this year that I nailed a sauce and veggie combo I really liked. It makes an awesome side dish for a holiday meal, replacing the unhealthy and super fattening potato casserole you often see. But we also eat this as a main dish for dinner! It reminds me a little bit of a lasagna, except with potatoes instead of pasta. It’s so satisfying and filling, but without it being too heavy.

Creamy potato and veggie casserole

I decided to use cauliflower to replace half of the nuts in my original recipe creation. This definitely made this dish perfect. It’s still creamy as ever, but a little bit lighter, allowing the tastes of all the veggies to come through. I made extra sauce and used it on pasta, which is an awesome Alfredo alternative. You can definitely make this nut free by either using more cauliflower, replacing the nuts with white beans or even silken tofu. It may come out a little different in taste or texture but should still be delicious! See my notes section for more sub ideas. I had a few friends, both vegan and non, try this out and everyone gave it a thumbs up! If you’re looking for a new side dish this holiday season, definitely check this one out!

Creamy potato and veggie casserole

I always love comments on the blog if you make it, so make sure to let me know! You can also tag me on Instagram  at veggiesdontbite #veggiesdontbite so I don’t miss it!

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Peas with Scallions and Dill

This dish holds a special place in my heart. It’s something my mom has made for years and reminds me of childhood and all the amazing flavors of home. I’m not sure what took me so long to share it with all my awesome followers, probably because my mom continues to make this for us, especially for my boys, so I rarely make it myself. The boys LOVE these peas, so much so that they call them “Peas Yiayia,” which means “grandma’s peas” in Greek, and we have quickly started following suit. The little one especially devours them, I literally have to cut him off from shoving every single pea in sight into his chubby little face. But I guess I should count my blessings that peas are his indulgence of choice! When they were babies, I would puree this and feed it to them, so they have loved this from day one. Such a great baby food to help introduce different flavors, and so easy since we made it for us anyway!

Peas with scallions and dill

The best thing about this dish, other than how easy it is to make, is that it literally goes with everything. We love mixing it into other meals like pasta dishes, lasagna, potatoes, other sides…they always start out in separate piles on our plates and slowly make their way in. That extra oomph of flavor just can’t be resisted! My husband, who literally hates peas AND dill, will even tolerate them. And by tolerate I mean allow me to put a spoonful on his plate and he will eat it without gagging…but I’ll take it because the rest of us love them, so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! This is the perfect side for the holidays, especially because you can make it ahead of time and just warm it up the day of. You always need a few of those, so check this out and give it a try! Your holiday meal will thank you!

Peas with scallions and dill

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“Bite” of the Month- Greenbee Super Smoothie and a Giveaway!

The past few months I have skipped my usual Veggies Don’t Bite “Bite” of the month post and focused purely on recipes. Well, I decided it’s about time for another and what perfect timing! About a month ago I had a good friend contact me asking if I would be willing to try some samples from a local juice company that just started. I of course said yes, because who doesn’t love fresh juices, but I quickly learned that this wasn’t a juice company like all the rest out there.

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Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Pie French Toast

I’ve been working on a French toast recipe for a while now, it’s been a back burner kind of thing that comes back every once in a while. But a few weekends ago, when my hubby didn’t feel like taking charge with his usual pancakes, I decided that French toast sounded amazing, so off I went. I had some leftover pumpkin puree and salted caramel icing from my Pumpkin Molasses Cupcakes I posted last week (you need to try them!), and I decided that a fall inspired indulging breakfast was the way to go. My family really liked my base recipe for the original French toast I’ve made, so I stuck with that but changed it up a bit to encompass the flavors of fall.

When I first began this creation last summer, I wanted to find a way to make it very similar to the original non vegan version with that crispy outside and eggy type flavor. But I also didn’t want to use oil to fry it and I wanted to avoid any “mushiness” in the bread. I am very picky when it comes to consistency, especially mushy breads…yuck…I had seen a few recipes out there using a touch of nutritional yeast in the bread dip and it intrigued me. I had never seen it in sweet recipes before, only the savory kind. So I gave it a shot, and wow! It was the perfect missing ingredient. You can definitely leave it out, but it made this French toast taste just like the real thing! It gave it that eggy flavor I was looking for. Along with all the other ingredients, I was able to make these oil free but cook them to crispy perfection. The key is to make sure your griddle is really hot, then be very patient with the bread. I cooked each piece for about 5-7 minutes on each side, or until I could insert a spatula under the bread easily. If it sticks in any way, it’s not ready. Patience is the key, but it’s so hard because they look and smell so good while cooking! Just look at this yumminess!

Cinnamon apple french toast with salted caramel icingI needed a fruit topping to round out our healthy but comforting breakfast, so I went with apples cooked in a pan to a cinnamon baked perfection. It was super easy because by the time the French toast was ready, these were soft and delicious. I was able to keep this all without refined sugar, which is always a goal over here, so as you shove that extra piece in your mouth you know its all in the name of good wholesome ingredients!

You certainly don’t have to, and this definitely does not need it, but if you want to take this breakfast up a notch, add the salted caramel icing. I made both a deep flavored version and a lighter one. In experimenting, I got great feedback for both kinds so decided to keep them both and let you decide! For my kids, I placed a small spoonful on the side of their plate and let them dip their strips of French toast in it. Yes, I did earn mom of the year that morning…but as I said, no refined sugar, sweetened purely with dates so I had no problem with that little extra bit of yummy that earned me perfect behavior, for a few hours anyway.

Cinnamon apple french toast with salted caramel icing
Although this whole ensemble looks super fancy and like it would be a lot of work, it actually isn’t at all. I even made the dip for the bread the night before to allow all the flavors to combine and create a deep delicious flavor. So come morning, all we did was chop some apples, throw them into a pan with a few other ingredients and practice our patience while our delicious pieces of French toast cooked. The icing is also something that can be made ahead of time, however if you always have date paste and coconut butter on hand, you can whip it up in just a few minutes. With or without it, this is definitely a crowd pleaser and will be put into our weekend breakfast rotation for sure!

Cinnamon apple french toast with salted caramel icing

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Pumpkin Molasses Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

Having a son who was born on Halloween is both super fun and super stressful. The great part is that it’s easy to celebrate, even on a year like this one when we decided to skip the party, however with all the school events and celebrations, I’m hit with double duty so it’s always a busy time of year for me. Because we are taking him to Disneyland next weekend and did not have a party, I really felt the need to take his school celebration and Halloween night up a notch this year. Since I have been wanting to put a cupcake recipe on the blog, I figured this was a good time to do it. And with fall encompassing all things pumpkin, what better than pumpkin cupcakes?

Pumpkin molasses cupcakes with salted caramel coconut frosting

Because these were going to be a school treat as well, I needed them free of all nuts. Since I use almond flour in a lot of my baking for its awesome nutritional content along with how great it does in gluten free baked goods, I needed to start from square one for this recipe. I wanted these to have a super moist yet fluffy texture, to be more of a cupcake and less of a muffin.  But at the same time, I wanted to use a flour that had some nutritional value and not be just a filler that creates this great texture. This is a hard combo to get, especially if you have to be gluten and nut free. Many people just assume that gluten free means good for you, but you still need to read your labels. A lot of gluten free baked goods are filled with flours that add little to no nutrition to the food, and I try to stay away from that as much as possible. I am okay giving in a bit on texture if I get the health, however it still needs to taste great! I did so many trials to find the combination of flours that was just right. I began with buckwheat as the main flour, and although I got a very tasty and moist result, it was much more of a muffin than what I was looking for. My husband loved them, but he is in the dense and moist camp when it comes to cakes. I really wanted something a little lighter, yet still super moist. After many practices, and a very happy family that got to eat all the rejects, I finally hit the nail on the head! These are still substantial, yet lighter and super moist and taste much more like a cupcake. I tried it out on a few of our neighbors and they gave my the double thumbs up. They are even good the next day if kept in a plastic or glass container with a little air flow. So feel free to make extras!

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